RI Rock Camp

​​​RI Rock Camp is a site where you can learn about what programs are being offered by music educator and performer, Matt Niebels.

Matt graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a double major in music education and performance. He has taught music in public schools in Rhode Island and Connecticut since 1996. Currently, Matt teaches music in public schools in Providence, RI and actively continues to teach private lessons after school.   

As a performer, Matt combines his foundations in jazz and rock drumming with a passion for world music along with a degree in classical percussion. Over the past 25 years, Matt has played with the following groups: What's Up Bach, Sunshine Smokey and the Rhythm Juice, the Agents, Spogga, JP Jones, Mr. Chubb, Edge Quartet, Buddy Roach Trio, Whole World Jumpin', Erik Narwhal, Mystic Jammers, Equal Rites, Dynamite Shack, the Gnomes, the Islanders, and numerous assorted freelance projects . 

Matt resides in South Kingstown, Rhode Island with his wife and two daughters. During the summer and throughout the school year, Matt directs various music camps as well as specialized group and individual music lessons.

"My mission is to share music with the world. One Student, one song at a time."

More than just rock band, We  have programs in

musical theatre 


drumming as well.